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Home > Studio Hall Washed Cotton Diffuser by k. hall designs

Studio Hall Washed Cotton Diffuser by k. hall designsStudio Hall Washed Cotton Diffuser by k. hall designs

Studio - Hall Reed Scent Diffusion

Scent WASHED COTTON k hall designs

8 oz. Scent Oil 236 ML


Shatter Proof Glass Apothecary bottle

Studio - Hall has created a blend of Lavender and chamomile mingle in this clean, pure scent reminiscent of freshly laundered cotton. k. hall designs has been making reed diffusers longer than almost any domestic company and we believe we have found the best elements to a successful product.

Studio -Hall's thicker reeds saturate thoroughly, allowing the scent to disperse further.

They use only the highest quality essential and fragrance oils. Studio- Hall's blend is made with cosmetic grade ingredients so it may also be applied as a personal body scent.

This set includes one shatter proof glass apothecary bottle, 8oz scent oil and reeds all packed in a heavy duty kraft tube.

Fill the glass bottle with the scent, insert the natural reeds and the scent will be diffused throughout your space.

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